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  • LTE (Long Term Evolution) means the next generation
    comunication network with which the transmission of mass data
    is possible with the speed of 5 times fast compared with HSDPA.

Pocket WiFi

  • ·Lowest fees
      The lowest rental fees of Pocket WiFi are guaranteed, compared with the other Korean mobile
      communication companies
  • ·High speed Internet
      During the rental period, the people can use Internet with the most fast speed of LTE in Korea.
      (In an area where the people can not use LTE, the service is provided endlessly being converted with 3G.)
      You are able to access internet conveniently at hotels, in the subway or in a car.
      (The service may be limited in some area.)
  • ·The wide range of usage
      You are able to access the internet by the maximum number of 3 devices simultaneously
      such as smartphones or laptops.
      (Yet, the speed may become slow as the number of connection increases. )
      It is a portable sized device which lasts up to 9 hours after fully charged.
      (※ 9 hours standby, 4 hours when using)

Pocket WiFi LTE Rental rate

(Excluding 10% VAT)
Rental Fee 2016 Summer is coming!
$6.8(One day fee)▶ $3.4(One day fee) until 2016/09/10

Pocket WiFi LTE Model

Additional Information(※ Please check the available area)

① Turn on Pocket WiFi.
② Search WiFi networks on smartphones or computers.
③ Choose the SSID number which is written on Pocket WiFi LTE.
④ After inputting KEY attached to Pocket WiFi, you are able to acess internet service.


Required Documents: Passport, Photocopy of credit card

Due to increasing reservation, there is a shortage of Pocket wifi.
Please hurry to make reservation.

FUB: If you use more than 500MB per day, speed may slow down.